Hey! Welcome or welcome back to the blog 🙂 my name is Jennifer Larkin, this is a post that goes hands in hand with my recent podcast episodes on Attracting Abundance Podcast: You can find the episodes here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 ___ *disclaimer, I am not a medical / licensed professional. I […]

We all love saving money, right? But saving money doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing our morals, like clean products, ethical practices, etc. So, these brands are ones that I’ve personally bought from or believe in. 1.) For your WFH needs – WAYFAIR I got my home desk here, which I sit in for hours […]

First off, I’ve struggled with sensitive skin for ages. Like really, I cannot remember when I even had clear skin at this point. (Queue me crying but it’s ok, I guess.) I AM OVER THESE MASKS, DUDE. like I’m really going insane over here. I’m all for wearing the masks to be safe but like […]





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