the rollercoaster we call life & some useful tips

gah damn anyone else just having the most insane roller coaster of emotions lately? Like when will this pandemic end? Me too.

I recently shared on my Instagram stories that lately, I haven’t been feeling like myself. I have felt like a big weight has been pushing down on me for a while now, & I felt that it was important to be transparent about that, because c’mon, how could I be the only one to feel like that?

Of course, we are all living in our own reality, but as a collective, life is tough right now. Most of our lives don’t look the way they did before the pandemic, including mine. I feel like I try and see the silver lining in all of this but some days it is so much to handle. Just keepin’ it real.

My objective with this post is to show you that, if you are feeling the same way as me, you are NOT alone (i mean we’re never really ALL alone ;)) & to offer some tips that I like to use to get me through the lower points in my life. [yes I am currently looking at me to take this same advice, lol.] & be a little funny because, why not.


Limit your screen time – (but also don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t follow through) it is proven that our phones & social media are addicting, so take it in baby steps. You can’t expect to change every bad habit overnight.

In a time that we are constantly bombarded with bad news, divisiveness, & fake news, it really is just a good thing to put your phone or computer away when you’re starting to consume way too much in one day. There is only so much that our brains can handle at once & only so much we can do about our current reality, so there is no need to be constantly funneling information into your mind that very easily can create a negative, scarcity, fear & lack based mindset. (of course, we are living in a time where we can’t take away from anyone that things are hard, but as I said, there’s only so much YOU can do about that, so just be mindful of this). We need to make sure that OUR cups are filled up before we can attempt to help others.

[when COVID first hit the US, I was constantly checking the news, etc. & just FREAKING myself out, so now, I limit my consumption to once a week, & only look at reliable sources – in my opinion, the same thing applies for the election]. If you are doing everything you can to change your current reality & help others if you’re able to, that’s all you can do right now.

Slow your mind – whatever this looks like for you.

Some ideas:

(so many new apps out there with meditation, affirmations, sacred sounds, etc.) find the one that works best for you. i.e: headspace, aura, calm, insight timer

Wake up slower – maybe set your alarm for 30 minutes before you really HAVE to get up, & use that time to slowly get up instead of rushing to the next thing.

for example: when I wake up, I immediately journal my dream(s) if I remember them, & journal about what I’m grateful for, my goal(s) for the day, affirmations, & then free write anything that is on my mind.

Maybe this is yoga for you, an intense workout, reading a book, going on a walk. WHATEVER it is for you, DO THAT. Your self-care practices are SO important for your well-being.

Make Youtube your best friend. (I’ll make another post with some subscription-based things to use), but since the economy has taken a big HIT, I’d say start with something that is free. & I always think it’s good to make sure you like someone’s style before buying into their services.

Some keywords to use when looking for videos for the first time: Binaural Beats for Ridding Negative Energy, Beginner Kundalini Yoga Meditations, Beginner Mantra Meditations, 5-10 Min. Yoga Flows

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! I can’t express this enough. Stop doing things that don’t fulfill you if you DON’T HAVE TO. Yes, some of us work jobs that don’t really fulfill our souls or highest calling, & that is something that sometimes we can’t control, but you can control who you spend your time with, what people you follow on social media, the music you listen to, & SO MUCH MORE!

Stop spending your time with people who don’t support you. Stop spending time with people who don’t make you excited & uplift you! I truly think we should only be spending time with people that excite us and make us feel so alive when we have the choice. Why waste your time doing anything else? You control your reality. (sometimes we don’t have control over this. i.e our co-workers, but usually we DO!)

I promise you there are people out there who are PERFECT just for YOU.

Listen to your favorite music.

Eat the food you love.

Dance around like no one is watching.

Start that passion project you’ve been dying to start.


We are all in this together & beauty is right around the corner.

with all my love.

see you next time.

x jenny

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