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Hello! Thank you for being here 🙂 Let’s talk about all of the products I currently have with me while being broad for TWO months. I bring these products on domestic & international trips and they are non-negotiable.

Let’s make this easy to digest…if you want more, you can go listen to the full episode where I get really detailed HERE.

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Wellness Products:

1.) Cymbiotika OR Seed Pro/Prebiotics:

For gut health, acne, digestion, energy, etc. Our gut is essentially our “second brain”

Listen to this podcast episode on TSC Podcast with the owner of Cymbiotika, Chervin HERE

2.) Amazing grass pressed green tablets:

Dissolve in water, super easy to travel with, has your daily greens in it + vitamins, especially if you’re running around & don’t have as much control with what you have access to eat.

3.) Naked Matcha:

Comes in a nice-sized tin can, which is easy to throw into your bag, the BEST matcha I’ve ever tried, an easy way to supplement coffee with matcha.

4.) Apothekary Travel frother:

The actual whisk has a cover so that it doesn’t get damaged, battery-powered, VERY powerful.

5.) Magnesium:

Helps me sleep & avoid taking melatonin – most of us are deficient as well, watch Kates tik-tok HERE

*Avoid oxidized magnesium*

6.) Semaine health – “the daily” & “PMS & period support”

Helps with PMS, cravings, skin – you really shouldn’t have PMS symptoms (this is a daily supplement or a 7-day supplement for your menstrual cycle)

*Save $9 off your order using this link*

7.) Nuun Hydration tablets:

Helps give you energy, naturally in the middle of the day, it has vitamins in it as well – I’ll put this in my water halfway through a workday if I have a modeling job

Beauty Products:

1.) Simolasan Eyedrops:

These are natural, I got my current bottle @ target, but I found them on Thrive Market (get 40% off)- I have the allergy eye relief one. We moisturize our face daily, & our eyes are a huge organ, so I use them daily to moisturize my eyes so that they’re not dry & itchy, especially if I have to get up super early.

2.) My current moisturizer, Grown Alchemist, & HUNA Skin Nutrition Balm (Nourish):

*take this with a grain of salt* Everyone’s skin is so different. I change my moisturizer up from time to time so that my body doesn’t become resistant (bc that happens). I find this one to be really hydrating, softens my skin, decreases lines, brightens, etc. I got this from an All-true subscription box.

TIPS for ACNE: hormonal coach, aesthetician, dermatologist — listen to the episode for more about this & I will get more into this topic in a future episode

*I slug every day to every 2 days using the balm*

Once a week I sleep with NOTHING on my face.

I’ve been avoiding AHAs, peels, etc. & trying to really MOISTURIZE rather than dry.

3.) Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen:

Light on my skin doesn’t make me break out, easy to re-apply

4.) Mara Universal Skin Oil:

Put on top of all the other moisturizers, has algae in it, great for facial massage, smells nice

5.) Native Oat milk Latte Deodorant:

Smells great, a nice texture, I only need to apply it 1-2x a day, they have travel sizes

6.) Not your mother’s dry shampoo “clean freak”:

Blends into your hair really easily, smells nice, & then I’ll just blow it out!

7.) Re-usable Eye masks from The Haut Company:

This is a german brand, so if you don’t have access to them, check out DIEUX, (they’re also cheaper), but they come with 2 silicon eye masks & an eye serum bottle, you can use it until the bottle is out, so you can reuse the silicon eye mask, & it works SO well. Decreases puffiness so much & brightens. like NOTICEABLY different.

8.) CBD headache roller:

For headaches, but I use it all over my body, it has peppermint oil in it, so it feels like icy hot, I’ll put it behind my ears, by my lymph nodes, the back of my neck, shoulders, & lower back and I LOVE it.

*use the code on the site to get 15% off your first order*

9.) JAO Hand sanitizer:

A spray bottle, smells amazing, has multiple uses, is easy to put in your purse/bag, easy to use quickly

10.) Metal Tongue Scraper:

Oral hygiene is SO IMPORTANT, helps with bad breath, it’ll change your life

11.) Electric Toothbrush:

Changes your oral hygiene game, way cleaner teeth, helps with yellow stains, I have the oral-B one, but there are new subscription service ones, like from BURST

12.) Packing Cubes:

GAME CHANGER for packing, you can pack double the stuff, check these ones out from BAGGU

Hope this helps!

DM us with any questions @attractingabundancepodcast

xx Jenny

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE:–Episode-3-My-Essential-Travel-Items-e1g6jn9

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