Gift Guide for Small Business Owners

With the holidays among us, it is that time when we need to start thinking about gifts! As you get older, it seems like it’s just harder and harder to shop for, so I put together a list of items that I think would be great gifts, within all price ranges for your small business friends, co-workers, partners, siblings, kids, etc.

All the products have individual links to the store to shop directly.

Happy Shopping!

xx Jenny

1.) A cozy sweatshirt:

When you WFH, you usually resort to being ~cozy~, so why not buy them a move-elevated, cozy, but trendy hoodie that they can wear in and out of the house!

2.) A new blend to try (instead of coffee):

Most of us love coffee but change is always nice! We’re loving this new chamberlain coffee brand!

3.) A mug for that new blend:

A new mug, supporting a small business, to add to your collection! (We know you have 3+ drinks on your desk at a time lol)

4.) An aesthetic candle:

We can never have too many candles! Studies actually show that having scents while working can increase your productivity. Doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty to look at!

5.) Upgraded Headphones:

Definitely a splurge, but this is a great gift for any entrepreneur that doesn’t already have a pair! They’re great for adding another level of focus during your work, or for their HGW, if you know what I mean 🙂

6.) Nice Luggage for Travel:

As entrepreneurs, we can travel a lot for work (or at least want too) & this is a nice gift to make that experience a little more elevated & easy with a nice, big, swivel suitcase.

7.) Meal prep kit:

Most entrepreneurs are busy, and this often times lead to getting takeout. Take some stress off their hands with a meal prep kit!

8.) Starbucks gift card:

We can never have enough $ to go treat ourselves to our Starbucks drink of choice. Always appreciated!

9.) A spa gift card for a self-care day:

Everyone needs self-care in their lives, and as entrepreneurs, we are often working overtime each week and sometimes our self-care falls on the back burner. This is such a great gift for someone who needs a little extra TLC this holiday season. (i.e for facials, massages, reflexology, mani, Pedi, etc.) find a local spa near you!

10.) Barnes & Noble gift card (or any bookstore):

Most entrepreneurs are spending more time on their phones than the average person, so giving them a gift that allows them to go search for some new books & forms of entertainment that arent their phone, is a great option!

11.) Neck Massager:

Let’s be honest, most people have neck pain these days, especially from being hunched over a desk or our phones all day, so you really can’t go wrong with this practical gift!

12.) Magnesium Powder:

For your wellness girlies. An easy powder to add to drinks or smoothies. Most of us are deficient in magnesium, and this can really help you relax, & help with brain health, which most biz owners need 😉

13.) Non-alcoholic drinks:

In a society where drinking alcohol is glamorized & very socialized, it’s a great way, especially going into Dry January, to get your small biz owner a pack of non-alcoholic drinks to try! They also have calming effects with the use of adaptogens & nootropics. 🙂

Thanks all for now!
I hope you’re enjoying this gift guide series & HAPPY SHOPPING!

XX Jenny ☻︎

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