Shop the look: The Bellini Jumpsuit

My obsession with NUULY knows no bounds 😉

I’ve been saying for a while that it doesn’t make much sense to me anymore to buy statement pieces because I usually don’t want to wear them more than once, so this new wave of renting clothes is the perfect solution for me!

I’ve been loving the new styles NUULY has been adding to their site & they’re constantly keeping up with trends, which I want to be a part of but don’t want to buy into fast fashion.

*remember, we can’t all be PERFECTLY sustainable in this modern world, but we can do our best & that’s all that matters*

My recent rentals included this cute, pastel pink jumpsuit from Steele.

Bellini Jumpsuit by Steele – Size Medium

It was cute.

It was comfy. & super breathe-able, which I loved!

My only critique is that it was just a BIT short. but i am 6′ tall 😉

So, I packed up a little picnic & headed to the park in it.

What do you think?!

Check out NUULY now using my code * I earn a commission at no additional cost to you & you save $10 off your first nuuly!*



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