This Water Changed My Life

This water has changed my life.

This photo was taken a little over a year ago & the person I am now has shifted so much. mmm I love images for this reason. To look back on a moment & remember it so clearly.

I feel like I’ve been in my head & limiting beliefs have been holding me back from sharing my experience with this water in fear of what some people may say & I haven’t really even shared the story behind it… so here goes. (it’s a long one, but I promise it will make you think & inspire your, so thanks for being here)

My first takeaway and piece of advice is, don’t read a book by its cover.

In November of 2019, I *looked* like I had it all together. I was working with some of the best clients, traveling the world, going out to nice dinners, blah blah blah. Whatever that *perfect life* looks like (spoiler alert – there is no perfect life). I am the first to always take away the positive in a situation, but life was truthfully a big ass rollercoaster at this point in time & I was dealing with a lot of inner demons.

To get vulnerable in hopes of connecting deeper with you guys, I have been modeling for most of my adult life, and pretty much the entire time I’ve had acne. the. last. thing. you. want. as. a. model – lemme tell ya. 

Comparison would creep in. self-doubt. limiting beliefs. you name it. fear fear fear. was what was always coming up for me pretty much all the time. Sound like the perfect life? I think not.

The point of me sharing this is to show you that life is not always what it may seem & everyones story is different.

I am INFINITELY grateful that I have gotten to travel to some amazing places & I will never not be grateful, but the truth of the reality was that I was burnt out, had serious adrenal fatigue, and had a hard time giving energy to anything. 

So where does this water come in?

In 2019, My brother @larkin_andrew came to thanksgiving GEEKIN out over this water & business opportunity that fell into his lap. I was really only interested in the water, so that’s what I’m gonna talk about.

At this point in time, I had spent OVER $5K on my skin……although irritating, I wouldn’t change anything because I ended up learning SO much about it.

But the point is, that I spent an outrageous amount of money & my skin was only WORSE than when I started…*sigh*

Hydra facials, facial massages, micro-needling, lasers, you name it, I was trying everything I could & although some helped, other’s were a complete waste of my money and time. The key takeaway was that when you do a LOT at once, you’re going to irritate your skin. Please learn from my mistakes.

So, Andrew had told me about this ionized water that could help with my acne & my energy and I was sold. I got a credit card with divinely the exact amount of the products & went all in (conversation for another day).

1 week went by, 2 weeks went by & by the 3rd week my energy was already increasing (after the detoxing) & I was starting to feel like my self again. 

I always say this, but I literally was like a completely different person & felt like an energizer bunny. 

The pandemic hit about 2 months after having the machine & I was left to do a lot of inner work and healing, which led me down a deeper path of wellness. This water was a catalyst for going plant-based, which facilitated the healing of my hormones, which was a severe issue, which was causing all of my acne (this water also helps with your hormones – science convo for another day or check out the IGTV I did with Andrew on antioxidants)

& shit we are over a year later & my cystic acne is healed and I feel SO much more like myself than I did when this photo was taken.

Not only has this water given me my life back, but it has helped me get closer with my brother, and has given me a beautiful, and supportive, GLOBAL community that constantly lifts me up and gives me opportunities to grow and thrive, so thank you for that.

& if you made it this far, thank you. This is only just the beginning 🙂

If you have any questions at all I am always friendly DM away & you can always visit my website to learn more. I’m here to send a free quote to you if ya need!

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