This water has changed my life. This photo was taken a little over a year ago & the person I am now has shifted so much. mmm I love images for this reason. To look back on a moment & remember it so clearly. I feel like I’ve been in my head & limiting beliefs […]

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE! [00:00:00] Jenny: we’re happy to help and help you gain more knowledge on this. And just want to start off by disclaiming. We are not medical professionals. This is our own research. This is our own testimonials and all the things. So definitely always consult a doctor if you have […]

First off, I’ve struggled with sensitive skin for ages. Like really, I cannot remember when I even had clear skin at this point. (Queue me crying but it’s ok, I guess.) I AM OVER THESE MASKS, DUDE. like I’m really going insane over here. I’m all for wearing the masks to be safe but like […]





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