Ski Skincare Essentials for your next ski trip!

Conquer the slopes with HYDRATED & PROTECTED skin! 🎿❄️

Sharing my skiing skincare essentials to keep you feeling your best on and off the mountain. From moisturizers to nasal spray, these products are a must for any ski day.

Skincare is SO important when you are skiing. It’s cold, it’s windy, there are STILL sun rays even if it’s cloudy. The snow is a reflector right to your face all day.

This list of products is what ensures that my skin is feeling it’s best (INCLUDING your lips & nose) all winter long.

*all products are acne safe as I have acne prone skin*

Access the full list on amazon HERE

1.) MOISTURIZER: curology moisturizer (cream or gel)

2.) FACIAL OIL: Good molecules

Love this for some facial manipulation (massage) in the AM because you know we are waking up early to get first chair

3.) SPF – Hero Cosmetics

MYTH: you can’t get sun damage when it’s winter / cloudy (SO FALSE!!)

You really should be wearing SPF year roung & IMO ESPECIALLY on a mountain where there is tons of WHITE SNOW that is a perfect reflector for the sun to hit your face. Just trust me on this one 🙂

4.) NASAL SPRAY: Arm & Hammer

This is my holy grail in the winter (but really year round). Your nose is going to be running all day. It gets dry. You need this.

5.) Lip Mask – LANEIGE

You’re going to want to hydrate your lips with some form of SPF chapstick all day while on the slopes (cold sores are a big thing when you’re a skiier, sadly) but at night a lip mask is your best friend! I love this one from laneige. It feels amazing and smells great.

6.) Supplements – Clearstem Mind Body Skin

Beauty starts from within, and if you’re like me and have acne prone skin, you’re not going to want to go anywhere without this supplement. Especially because I’m usually definitely eating things & drinking things that flare up my acne on ski trips.

7.) Hand Cream – Working Hands

The. best. hand. cream. you will ever buy! This is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL for winter skincare for me. I haven’t experienced cracked hands in year because of this stuff.

I hope you found this helpful and enjoy whatever ski trips you’re going on!

With love,


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